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After receiving the grant from TangerKids, we started purchasing sensory materials that would engage and enhance learning in our autism program. We were able to purchase a bubble tube, Play Doh, sand and water toys, fidgets and a classroom rocking chair. The rocking chair is our students’ favorite purchase and they love earning time to relax and rock themselves! Thank you again TangerKids! You have transformed my classroom into a sensory heaven for my students.

May Moore Primary | Deer Park, NY

Our bare root strawberries are planted and one plant has started to show leaves. The EarthBox system is a great way to grow indoors and the grow light makes it even better. The kids are excited to see it grow in class and they check it daily. The daily leader gets to water it and we’ve installed a timer so that the plants get about 13 hours of sunlight a day. I appreciate the opportunities that the grant provides to my students. It’s things like this that kids remember when they look back at school memories. They won’t remember my unit on 2 digit addition, but they’ll remember that they grew strawberries in their second grade class. Thanks to Tanger for providing those memories!

Bluffton Elementary | Hilton Head, SC

Inset photo of child with headphones on and smiling Inset photo of child with headphones on and smiling
Inset photo of child with headphones on and smiling

Thanks to the grant we received from the TangerKids Grant Program, we were able to purchase high quality, noise canceling headphones for our Special Needs Learners as well as sensory friendly headphones for our students with Autism. These students with reading deficits can now access an audio-library text-to-speech program where they are able to enjoy grade level audiobooks, while improving their vocabulary and grade level word exposure. Our struggling readers are now choosing higher level books of personal interest and books that are popular with their peers. Thank you Tanger for providing us with the funds to purchase the equipment we needed to help our students close the gap between their reading abilities and their interest levels. Our students truly are listening, learning and loving to read!

Woodward Avenue Elementary | Daytona Beach, FL

Inset photo of children stacking blocks

We are loving the Lego Wall here at Clara Love! Our students have been so excited to use the wall as a way to express connections to their learning. After reading a book, some students have used the wall to create a Lego version of the main character, based on a written description. After reading a book about space, some of our second grade students enjoyed using the wall to create their own constellations, creating a link between STEM and literacy. Some students (and teachers) have used the wall as a way to take a brain break throughout the day. Sometimes you just need a few minutes of creativity to recharge and get back to learning! The library is the heart of our school and the Lego Wall has become another reason that our students love to visit the library, learn more about the world, and have opportunities to use hands-on experiences to extend their learning. We are excited about the endless opportunities this wall creates to engage our students for years to come.

Clara Love Elementary | Fort Worth, TX

My students are enjoying using all of the toys and materials purchased with the grant funds during speech therapy sessions. We are working to improve communication skills using a variety of communication methods including Augmentative and Assistive Communication (AAC), verbal language, and sign language. I am able to design therapy sessions using toys and games to improve student engagement in the activities as well as targeting specific speech and language targets. Because I currently serve 75 students here at Magnolia School, many students are benefitting from this project.

Magnolia School | Foley, AL

Tanger Outlets graciously awarded us a grant for our school-based coffee shop at Northern Lebanon High School called Deja Brew. The students were thrilled to get the grant to be able to expand the coffee shop. We were able to purchase equipment and products to help the coffee shop grow. As a leader, the grant meant that my students would be able to focus on continuing to practice their vocational in order to prepare for the world of work.

Northern Lebanon | Hershey, PA